May 13, 2015

Too Deep To Sway - Track List & Release Date

Digital Release: July 7 2015

Track Listing

1.Bottom Of A Glass



4.While The Dawn

5.It's Just Everything

6.Next Autumn

7.Cold In Clover


9.Make It So New

Apr 21, 2015

Updates - April 21st

"Too Deep To Sway" will be delayed until late 2015. I am currently in the midst of re-working the whole album, mainly due to recently developed inspirations and motivations. The album will be free to download in it's entirety upon it's release. About 200 hard copies of the album will be made which will include 2 extra song's as well as physical artwork, they will be available for $5.

Jan 13, 2015

Listen to the full album "Treasure What You Find"

Oct 4, 2014

Listen to the first 4 tracks from "Too Deep To Sway"

Click on the music section to listen to the first 4 tracks from "Too Deep To Sway".

Jul 24, 2014

What's going on with Same Old Shiver?

Currently working on the new album "Too Deep To Sway", and also jamming some of the oldies whenever I get the chance to (around a campfire/beach/alley & open mic venues). "Too Deep To Sway" will be a complete solo effort, full of psychedelic emotions and wandering messages. Check the music section every now and again to hear previews of the new tracks.
I will also be adding a poetry section to this website, where I will be posting poems I feel are worthy enough to share, if any at all. Take care, and given the chance.. take care of someone else.

-Richard (Same Old Shiver)